Writing Prompts

Want inspiration when you need to clear your throat or feel into your spirit with a free write? Pick one, open a file or a notebook and go! (Set a timer, or write till you can’t any more.)  Be sure to let me know how it goes!

This brings me joy

This is what hurts now

Why I write

How I nurture myself

The best thing about writing

The worst thing about writing

Why don’t they…?

My ideal writing schedule

What my ideal life looks like

If I weren’t afraid, I would….

My safe place

The funniest thing that happened this week

I feel fulfilled when….

What I need that I’m not getting

I love to help with….

You can’t say that to me

The definition of kindness

Myths about me

What I wish I knew more about

My book (first; next) is about

What I’m reading now and why

My spiritual awakening

My favorite people

Being a grown up means….